According to the Amputee Coalition statistics, nearly 185,000 amputations occur every year in the United States of America. Based on these numbers, it has been estimated that by 2050, approximately 3.6 million people in the U.S.A. will live with limb loss.

Encounters with amputation and disfigurement injuries leave behind long-lasting scars, physical restrictions, and psychological trauma that affect you for the rest of your life. Chronic injuries completely alter your life, emotions, ability to support yourself, and attitude toward social interaction.

And so, you deserve justice for the irreparable harm someone else caused you due to their carelessness or malice. Even though money can never completely compensate for this loss, it can undoubtedly cover your lifelong medical care and rehabilitation costs. To claim the necessary compensation, you need a professional accident lawyer who can defend you in this legal battle.

Why do you Need Legal Guidance for Amputation and Disfigurement?

Amputation and disfigurement treatments are expensive, as the patient will require lifelong care through physical therapy, medications, and doctor visits. Only fair compensation will allow for the payment of these costs. And if you want to be fairly compensated, you need a legal counsel’s assistance.

What are the Legal Actions Surrounding Amputation and Disfigurement caused by an Accident?

Accident claims involving amputation or disfigurement frequently call for tenacious and knowledgeable legal counsel. A sound legislative defense is necessary to get justice for the victim suffering lifelong impairment. It is challenging to stand up against the insurance companies that are hell-bent on minimizing victim compensation.

These companies know that amputation and disfigurement compensations are pretty high, so they would try to offer the minimum amount to maximize their profits. So, you will need a professional’s intervention to deal with such matters. The steps that you should follow to ensure adequate legal assistance are:

  1. Move to a place where you can get the adequate medical care and mental peace necessary to improve your health to pursue the lawsuit.
  2. Hire a professional accident attorney specializing in amputation and disfigurement law to file the case to preserve your claim for personal injury.
  3. Gather relevant evidence to support the case, such as medical bills, police reports, outstanding expenses, rehabilitation costs, and other relevant documents.
  4. Based on the evidence, determine the liabilities, calculate the compensation and attempt to settle.
  5. It is best to strive for a settlement outside the court, but if it does not work out, proceed with the lawsuit.

Amputation and disfigurement injuries scar you for life—both physically and mentally—and so it is justifiable to claim the necessary compensation for your damage. In this regard, you need an expert accident law attorney like Craig J. Concannon, P.C., who can stand up for your rights. To get their expert consultancy, call (314) 421-3329 or email

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