Teaching your teen to be a safe driver is an essential but very challenging task.

Lack of experience, miscalculation of traffic, speed, and usage of mobile phones can cause errors in driving, resulting in accidents. So, how can you teach your teen to be a safe driver from the start, and how can you help avoid accidents? Parents can prepare their children to drive safely and follow the set habits each time they are behind the wheel.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how to teach your teen to be a safer driver.

Be A Role Model

Children always look up to their parents to grasp behaviours. Being a role model to
your teen while learning to drive can help instil the confidence of safe driving.

Eliminate all Distractions

Make sure there are no distractions when your teen is learning to drive. That is not limited to mobile phone distraction. It also includes talking, eating or drinking. Anything that takes their eyes, hands or focus off the road is considered a distraction—even listening to music. Remind your teens to stay focussed and alert at all times while driving.

Abide By The Law

Teach your teen to follow the driving rules as per the regulated system. Make them aware of the process, the orders and the punishments if any law is not followed.


Ensure that your teen is aware of your expectations and the consequences of not following the driving rules. Do not just rely on the driver education course to teach your teen about safe driving practices.

Practice Driving

“Practice makes better,” so try and provide as much driving practice as possible before your teens hit the roads independently.

Build It Up

Always start in daylight, good weather and when the road conditions are good. Start it slow
and build it up. When you begin driving with your teen, go to an empty space and spend a lot of time starting, stopping, and turning the vehicle. Once your child is comfortable, then move on to a residential area and next move onto streets or highways with heavier traffic as your teen’s comfort level to drive increases.

Remember The Basics

Apart from teaching your teen the responsibility of driving safely, make sure they learn the skills of vehicle checks, emergency response, and interaction with others.

Teaching your teen how to drive safely can be a demanding thing for you and your teen. However, with these tips, your teen can be a safe driver. You play a crucial role in teaching your child to be safe on the road and pay attention to driving even when you are not around. By teaching your teen to drive safely, you not only make it safer for your teen but everyone else on the road.

“Be an obedient driver, drive safely.”

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