A sideswipe collision can be a very serious accident. Injuries sustained in these types of accidents are often severe and costly to treat.

Sideswipe collisions result from another driver failing to yield or simply ignoring what is happening on the roadway. The outcome of these accidents changes a person’s life forever and brings a tremendous financial burden.

What Causes Sideswipe Accidents?

Drivers can experience a sideswipe collision any time their automobile is struck on their side, from the front or the rear. It can be caused by other drivers’ actions, human error, or mechanical difficulties within your vehicle itself.

Sideswipe collisions are extremely common and often unpredictable.

How Can an Auto Accident Lawyer Help?

Thoroughly Investigate Your Accident

Your attorney will thoroughly investigate your accident and gather any evidence that could help your case.

This evidence could include photos of the damage to your vehicle and witness statements from anyone who saw the accident happen.

Help Gather Evidence That Proves Someone Else Was at Fault

The most important step in proving liability in an auto accident is figuring out how the accident happened. No matter where the fault lies, it is crucial to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident and immediately afterward.

This can include things like witness statements and photographs of the vehicles involved.

Ensure That You Receive All the Medical Treatment You Need

Ensure that you receive all the medical treatment you need. Your personal injury claim can be complex and confusing.

Most people who deal with the legal system just want to get their expenses paid and get on with their lives, but a qualified attorney can help dig deeper into your specific circumstances and make sure that all of your damages are covered under the law.

Seek Compensation for Your Medical Bills and Lost Wages

A fair settlement offer. Once your attorney has gathered all available evidence, they will take it to the insurance company and attempt to negotiate a fair settlement offer on your behalf.

If necessary, they will prepare your court case and may even have an expert testify on your behalf during trial proceedings.

Defend Your Rights Opposite the Insurance Company

An attorney also defends your rights if the insurance company disputes your claim or offers an unfair settlement.

If the insurance company is:

  • disputing your claim, or
  • offering an unfair amount in compensation, or
  • if you have trouble settling your claim by direct negotiation with the insurance company;
In such cases, an attorney can help you evaluate how much it might be worth and make sure you get fair compensation for it.

Sideswipe collisions are involved in the majority of rear-end vehicle collisions. Knowing how to protect yourself is easy when you know what you’re dealing with. There will always be risks on the road, but having an attorney by your side can help lessen the burden of these legal incidences.

If you are looking for someone to advise you on such matters, reach out to Craig J Concannon at 7911 Forsyth Blvd, St. Louis, 63105. You can also call him at +1 (314) 421-3329.

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